Friday, July 16, 2010

Tooth #2!!!

Yup! The second tooth has already pooped through - and this one gave me a huge scare the other night! Drew was cheerfully playing in his bouncy seat when I walked out to the kitchen and came back to find blood trickling down his chin! He was still calm and cheerful - until I whooped him up in a panic to find out where the blood was coming from!! He must have been chewing on his toy at the tender part of the gum and you know how gums bleed!! He was fine - mom was just having a heart attack!He is growing so quickly! He can now roll from his belly to his back and looks at us all so strangely when we clap and make a big deal out of it!! He's also learning to sit up by himself - though his bog ol' head tends to cause him to lean forward - he'll get it soon enough!!! He is once again sleeping through the night (Praise God!) and waking up cheerful and pleasant! I had to take him to the doctor on Wednesday as his rash under his chin had returned and the original medicine they gave me for it was no longer taking care of it. While there they weighed him - he now weighs.......17.6 pounds!!! I thought this was shocking so I went back to see what the other kids weighed at his age. Sarah only weighed 13 pounds at four months!!!! She didn't weigh 17 pounds until she was one year old!!! The boys, however, were different. I didn't remember them being big - but apparently Drew is right on par for a Schultz boy. At five months Matt also weighed 17.6 pounds! At six months Daniel weighed 18.4 pounds - so not a whole lot of difference!!! How come Drew just seems so much bigger? I don't know - but he is the cutest thing on this earth and I love all his chunk!!! Here are some cute pics I took this morning of my cute chunk!!!I am always amazed we can go from this.... (good shot of the teeth, though!!!)to a matter of 6 seconds!!! He is a riot!!!

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Carisa said...

oh goodness I love him.