Monday, July 26, 2010


LOVE the chubb!!!
This week is a week of firsts. First Drew turned six months old this past Sunday! Incredible! I can't believe half a year has already gone by!! He is such an indescribable blessing! And a real cutie!!! He is now rolling all over, sporting two teeth and eating food!! We introduced his first food this past Friday. He is SO happy! He eats like a real champ! No pushing out with his tongue or having to trick him into opening his mouth. He is like a little bird. He sees that spoon and automatically opens his mouth. He is a riot! He looks at me like "Where has THIS been all my life?!?!" We started with carrots and so far he loves them. On Wednesday we'll go on to squash. He is growing so fast!!! Tonight he started pushing off the floor with his feet and scooching. I gave him a stern talking to about the fact that NONE of my other children crawled before 11 months and I was NOT prepared to have one start earlier! Of course he just smiled sweetly (well, maybe with a little evil grin thrown in there!!!). I imagine he is going to be moving a lot sooner than the others. I'll need to start investigating play yards to contain the little mover!Today was also our first day of our new school year!!! Daniel was THRILLED!!! He couldn't wait to start Kindergarten! He was up at the crack of dawn wanting to get started. Matt and Sarah - not so much, though they did pretty well for the first day. Matt, who is starting 8th grade, was a bit grumpy and Sarah, who is starting 6th grade, was in tears before 9:30 am. But Sarah may have had an excuse as tonight while we were in Target she got sick to her stomach - poor girl. She's been looking a little death warmed over since we brought her home from camp - so I guess she had an excuse. Hopefully she'll start feeling better and eating again. She has hardly eaten anything since coming home from camp. She finished her work for the day but was not terribly focused or into it. Maybe when this illness passes she'll perk up and be more into her school year. Matt also finished, though it took him all day to do half a days work. I am just letting him take it at his own pace. He knows what he has to do and that he needs to get it done if he wants to go to God Squad or Teen Club. He made it tonight - though we still need to add in Math, Grammar and Spanish. So we'll see! I have decided not to nag this year - and caught myself several times :-)!!! He needs to own his school work and live with his decisions. It could be an interesting year!
Drew just hung around while I worked with different kids. I wonder if he'll be reading by the time he's two!!!

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