Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FIVE years old!!

How did this happen??? My sweet Daniel (who at times ISN'T so sweet as of late, but par for the course of a five year old!) is now FIVE!!! Unbelievable!!! I am amazed at the changes in this little guy over the past few months. He can now write his name, knows all his letters by sight, can count pretty high, is asking quite a few (hard) questions about God, and has become a VERY committed big brother! He LOVES Drew and can't wait to teach him all kinds of things and play with him all the fun things he enjoys playing. Daniel has also become pretty good at the Wii - getting less frustrated while playing with a sibling. Of course there are still things that are the same - like his big smile from ear to ear, his laughter, his constant curiosity about EVERYTHING!!! and his tender spirit towards his family members and God. Since this kid has entered my life he has been a blessing and source of great joy!!! He was our "unexpected" miracle child and definitely one God desired to have on this earth!!! I am so blessed and privileged to be his mother. Thank you God for such an indescribable gift in Daniel!!!
Daniel was quite pleased with his cake! He had been WAITING for a whole day as we didn't get to one on his actual birthday!!Daniel with PopPop and Grammy!
The Grands with the crew!!! Drew is crying because we sang Happy Birthday too loud again! Poor boy - he is SO in the wrong family if he doesn't like loud noise!!Daniel LOVES his sister!! The two middles!!

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