Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day at the Beach!!

My attempt at getting a picture of the kids - it didn't go so well!

Wednesday some friends invited us to go to the beach for the day. They had rented a house for the week and let us use their home as a base. It was a great day to go as here it was HOT and HUMID!!! Two words I am extremely tired of hearing!!! But the beach was beautiful!!! A wonderful breeze blowing and clear sunny skies!!! At times it almost felt a little chilly! But I wasn't complaining!!!!!

The kids LOVE the beach! My husband enjoys the beach. Me, not so much!!! I am a red-head and I BURN!!! I have found only one sunscreen that actually protects me - and I forgot it!!! I used what works for the kids, but found out by that afternoon - it wasn't working as well for me. So I am a little crispified - but nothing serious and nothing that will blister. Just a bit of tender skin for awhile. My poor boy, Daniel, is also a burner. My husband screened him up, but somehow some of the sunscreen was either rubbed of by the ocean and sand or never really took to his skin. He is a bit blotchy and looking quite a mess. Thankfully, it wasn't a bad burn, just a bit more pink than I like. But he sure had a blast! He loves the beach more than any kid I know! He loves the water, the sand, the boardwalk - everything!!! He was one tired little boy!

Matt and Sarah enjoyed their day too. Mostly because they didn't have to do school - but they really enjoyed the people we went to see. Everyone slept in today. I think Sarah finally got out of bed sometime around 11:00 am!!! In her defense, though, we didn't get home until midnight! So we were all pretty worn out!! But it was great to spend some time with great friends and enjoying God's creation!! Thanks friends!!!
Drew did pretty well for his first trip to the beach. He mostly just sat with Andy or I and played or slept off and on. Toward the end of our time on the beach we did dip his feet into the ocean. He didn't think too much of it!!! I'll have to figure out how to upload the video we took. He was pretty funny!! He kept pulling his feet up as high as he could to avoid the water! I wonder if he'll end up liking the beach or hating it! Only time will tell!

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Carisa said...

Oh My GOODNESS, that last pic of Drew has me rolling!!!!!!!!!