Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birthday Bash!!

Today we celebrated the kids birthdays. My first three kids are all summer babies - June and July. My sister's son is a July baby as well. (Drew is the odd man out - but we have already decided we will be celebrating his half birthday next year!) So rather than have an individual party for mine and hers we combine them and today was the day. We met at my mom's house - she always puts on an incredible spread - fruit, salad, stuffed shells, shredded roast beef sandwiches! It's incredible! My Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Doug as well as my mom's friends Marie and Jim all joined in the fun. We had a great time and the kids really enjoyed celebrating their day. Here are a few shots of the fun!

Each kid got their own little cake. Matt and Daniel ripped into theirs pretty quick so I didn't get a shot of theirs - but Sarah was savouring hers!Daniel enjoyed his cake!!!
My mom made a giant cupcake for the rest of us and for the kids to blow out candles. Each candles flame burned the color of the candle! It was pretty cool!Daniel got a new bike for his gift from my parents. He was pretty excited!My family from left to right - my sister Lisa, nephew Sam, Bruce, Mom, Daniel, Sarah, Drew, me, Andy and Matt.My parents with the grands!!!
It was a great day!!!

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