Saturday, January 26, 2008

Adventure Aquarium

On Thursday, Andy's parents came and we all went to the Adventure Aquarium. We had a great time and there was hardly anyone there! It was wonderful! Lois loved the everything - especially the Hippos. They were very active and running around in the water. We also saw the large sting rays (like 6 ft from nose to tip of tail!), the new shark rays (very cool!), and their new touch a shark exhibit! They have always had the touch-a-shark exhibit, but now the pool is bigger and more people can crowd around. We had a great time! We then headed over to the Children's Garden to show Lois the Butterfly house (she LOVES butterflies) - only to be disappointed that it was closed - until March 15th!! This made me a little upset as we have paid for a one year membership - but it will be closed for two months! This is the first year they have done this. They didn't even notify us that it would be closed. I guess I'll talk with them when they reopen. Here are some pictures of the fun we had!I am sorry I have been neglecting the blog the past few weeks. I will make a better effort to do it on a more daily basis. Life gets crazy again this week as all the clubs start up again! Pray for Andy as he goes back into a more than full schedule!

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