Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where's Daniel?

That is the question I awoke to when Matt came into my room this morning. I was clueless! Andy and I got up and started calling for him - but he is the kind of kid that does not answer out loud when you call. So we were met with silence and I started to get a little concerned - but Andy found him a few seconds later, under the dining room table, with a blue lollipop in his mouth. He worked hard at getting it out of the packaging. His teeth were blue, his tongue was blue, and chin was blue from the dripping of the blue saliva, because the pop was way too big to fit in his mouth - though he managed to stuff it in there! He was quite pleased with himself to say the least!

As a result of Daniel's wanderings we installed a gate at the top of the hall so he can only go to our bedroom or his bedroom. Daniel watched Andy install the gate - all the while saying "I don't want that!". Andy would tell me and I would say "Too bad!". His response was "oh-kay" in a very sad tone of voice. I think he is finding that his new found freedom isn't as free as he had originally thought it would be!

The crib came down today! Sarah's room seems so big! I am going to be setting up a play area in there for Daniel. I need to think it through before I go and buy anything so I can set it up just right. Sarah is excited because she will have more room to play as well. I also want to set Matt's room up differently, though his room is tough to change due to the odd shape of it. I would like an area for Daniel in there as well, just in case he doesn't cooperate while we do school - he has an area to go to that is safe. Matt is having a hard time with this as a lot of his stuff needs to be put away on a daily basis - something I have failed at teaching him. He will learn.

My room is finally clean and organized. In May I will be going through my bookshelves to weed out books for the Used Book Sale held by the one homeschooling conferences I attend in June. Last year I went through a lot of the things I never use for teaching Matt and Sarah - stuff I had used when teaching in a classroom. I made over $200! I am hoping to get rid of a bunch of stuff again this year. I am really liking this "open space" idea! Now - not to buy anything unnecessary for the next six months - one of my many New Year's Resolutions! I have decided to try and make lists and stick to the list when purchasing things. I am a terrible shopper and never know what I have and don't have and tend to overspend. I am determined to keep to our budget this year! Please pray!

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