Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A New Year of Preteens

Tonight was the first night back to Preteens for 2008. It felt good to be back. I am usually dreading when we start up again - usually because I am a homebody and would stay home all the time if I could! But I have been praying for God to really change my heart in this area and I believe He is working!

When we went tonight we were unsure of what to expect as far as numbers as it was a pretty miserable night and Andy didn't get out to visit like he really wanted to. We have been off for about seven weeks and kids tend to forget about things after that long of a break! Well, we had no need to fear as we had 41 kids out tonight - 25 girls and 16 boys. It was also a night of beginnings. Tonight Eleanna, Morgan, and Adrianna, all church kids, moved up to preteens. This is a sad fact that I am getting OLD! These three kids are the first of six solid church kids to move up. The other three - Eliza, Josh, and Matt (all pastor's kids!) move up in April/ June. All of these kids were born within nine months of each other and have grown up in the church together - now they are entering into a new phase of kids club. Andy and I are struggling to grasp the fact that our first born will be attending club with us - this wasn't supposed to happen so fast! When he was born we joked that he would be in 5&6's before too long and then it happened. Then he went into 7-10's - we thought it would be a long time before he would be coming up to our club - now it is just five short months away! Pray for us as we usher these kids into the new phase of kids club. The next several years that they are under Andy (Preteens, God Squad, Teen Club) are the most critical to their growth in their walk with God. Pray for Andy as he feels this burden - especially for the kids that attend our church. Pray for the church kids as they will be looked upon to be an example to the others. It will be a pressure for them - but it could also be a good growing time for them.

School continues to go. I really hate teaching the months of January, February, and March. It's just a hard time as we are in the throws of all the curriculum and it's seems like it is forever before the school year is done. We have 115 days in - only 65 more days to go! Matt continues to struggle with wanting to do school. The funny thing is that I have caught him reading his book - when he is supposed to be doing school! Now, how can I get upset about that?!?! I have been wanting him to want to read - but now we struggle with the right time to read! It never ends! I guess God is teaching me a lesson that I have yet to learn.

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