Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

Life was extremely busy this weekend! We went to CVS a couple more times and really stocked up on some necessities - oatmeal, cereal, batteries, juice, diapers, etc. I also have accumulated over $100 in Extra Care Bucks! I am so thankful for the cushion as I can get things that we regularly use for a significant savings. It is really helping with the budget! I have noticed I don't run to WalMart or Target for these things as often as I have in the past - which also lessens the temptation to buy unnecessary things! My goal for 2008 is to really put our budget in order and start saving for a washer and a newer used car. Andy is afraid our transmission is going to go any day now and we need to have some money set aside.

Life was also full of church, a Sunday School teachers meeting (2 1/2 hours!) and Prayer Pals. I so love going to Prayer Pals! We have a nice bunch of kids attending. There are several kids waiting in the wings for Pals. If anyone is interested in writing and praying for a kid here in Philly, let me know and I can send you information. This program has been going on for a couple of years now and it is so great to see these kids developing a healthy relationship with a believing adult. Prayer is such an important part of these kids making it in the inner-city.

Another week of school is upon us. Please pray as Matt is having a terrible time again. He just doesn't care to do school. I have made some changes, but they all seem to be futile in getting him excited about learning. Please continue to pray that we do what is right for Matt, as well as Sarah and Daniel.

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