Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

WOW! 2008! I can remember as a child when one teacher asked what year it would be when you were 39 - and now it's here!!!! I will be 39 this year! Matt will be a preteen!!!! Andy will be 40!!! So many things to look forward to! God is so good!

We left Sunday afternoon to go to Andy's parents where we had Christmas #3. The kids were excited to open more gifts. Matt got a Mars Lego set, Down Gilead Lane Season #8 Cd's, a CD clock radio, and a Klutz Hacky Sack book. Sarah got a remote control car, Down Gilead Lane Season #9 Cd's, Tamogotchi Virtual Pet, and a Klutz Twilling Book. Daniel got a Cars Race Track, a wind up Cars car, a Dr. Seuss place setting, and........ a DRUM SET!!!!! You should have seen the joy on his face! It came with drum sticks and everything. It is an electronic one and he thinks it is great! Mom is still formulating ideas about this gift. Daniel didn't get this gift until Monday because in Grammy's words "I want to be liked one more night!". We still love them!

Monday evening we attended out second wedding of the weekend. Jeremy and Rachel were married at 8:00 pm on New Year's Eve. When we were first invited to this wedding I was very unhappy and did not want to attend. But Jeremy is the son of Ellie who does A LOT of cooking and things for Andy and he felt, for her sake, we should attend. So we did. It turned out okay. Bill & Patsy, Jack, Christine, Joneric, Steve & Katie, and Frankie all attended the reception so we had a lot of fun. The reception was a bit different in that there were hardly any chairs to sit on and all of Rachel's family and friends snatched up the ones available quite quickly! We were supposed to mingle and eat hot or'dvors - so for 3 hours we stood and mingled with the Cornerstone crowd. They didn't serve the cake until 11:30 pm, so we just stayed until midnight as we knew we would never get home before the New Year struck. It was fun to wish our co-workers and Cornerstone friends a Happy New Year.

Today we just hung out at Andy's parents. This afternoon Matt and I went to "The Promenade". It is a shopping center in Saucon Valley that has a Barnes and Nobles, L.L. Bean store, a Children's Place and a myriad of other stores. Matt has been tagging along with me to go shopping as of late and it has been a lot of fun! He really opens up when he is in the car and shares a lot of things I would never know about him. Today he shared how he really feels he can open up to me and is comfortable with sharing things with me. I feel so honored. Please pray that I would say the right things and be the encouragement that Matt needs. He is so much smarter than me and questions things so deeply - I am often times at a lack of words. Please pray as we develop this relationship that I would guide him into the loving arms of our Father and that his faith would be strengthened daily.

On our way home we stopped at Berean Bookstore (formerly Provident Bookstore). I had been given money for Christmas and was very excited to buy some books! The greatest thing is that Berean has a Pastor's discount card - 20%! As long as he is present it can be taken off of anything, except for clearance prices. This was so cool! Berean often has $5 books and I got one for $4! They has Chris Tomlin's new CD on sale for $10 and I got it for $8! I am now well stocked for the next few months as I bought six new books! One of my New Year's resolutions is to read more. I really miss reading and am determined to find time to read more. I think that is one that I can keep!

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