Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mom...I awake!

Yes, at 6:15 am my sweet boy came to my side of the bed and told me he was awake! I was glad to see it was 6:15 and not 4 or 5 am! I told him it wasn't time to get up and to go back to his bed and he did!!!! He stayed there for another 45 minutes! He sang and talked and I had to keep telling him to quiet down - but he listened! I was so glad!

He also did well with his nap. I put books on his bed and at first he started crying and telling me "I HATE BOOKS!" meaning he did not want them there because he knew what that meant! I talked to him about staying on his bed until I came to get him. When he woke up - almost 2 hours later - he called to me from his bed. He did not get off! YEAH!!! When I told him he could get off he was so happy "I get off!!! I coming, Mommy!" He is so funny! He went to be by 8:00 pm and Andy and I did not stay in the room tonight - we went to our room. He again stayed in bed and fell fast asleep. I guess he is getting used to this new adventure in life! The crib will come down on Saturday. The Pack-n-Play that he took naps in came down Wednesday. Rooms are starting to look bigger in our house!

These past few days off have been the best of our vacation. I am so glad I went with my gut and took the full two weeks off. I think I am mentally ready to start school again. Tomorrow I work on the school room and get that all re-organized.

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