Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to Tot School!

With the whole bed bug thingy, poor Daniel has suffered the most with the lack of individual school attention. I decided that today we were going to change that....and BOY was he excited! He loved everything and begged to do more. I need to increase our activities and start doing more purposeful planning. He's ready to do things and is learning his letters amazingly fast!

Today we did a bead activity. I got the idea from my friend, Carisa (who ALWAYS has such amazing ideas!). He LOVED this activity and sat for more than 30 minutes doing it! Who knew a pipe cleaner and letter beads could last so long! He really got into it. He had to put every bead onto a pipe cleaner. We counted the beads on each pipe cleaner, looked at the letters, and hung them on the chair. Towards the end we added a little flare and talked about warm colors and cool colors. It was a lot of fun!

He then wanted to do his Kumon Coloring Book. I really like this book for discussing colors and the fact that there is only a small space for coloring - not too much he will get overwhelmed. He likes the maze on the back of each page - though his reason for liking it isn't necessary a good thing! He likes to torcher me with it. He can do this activity very well - surprised me the first time he ever did it! He is supposed to draw a path from the circle at the top of the page to the star at the bottom of the page without touching the object on the page. He LOVES to pretend he is going to hit the objects. The little booger!!!!
After coloring we played "Who Lives Where?". This is a great game! He's pretty good at it too!! It has so many things that it teaches while playing, shape, memory, puzzle skills, order, etc. It is a lot of fun.

Our final activity of the day was a great tool Carisa gave to him a couple months ago called "Bottle Top Names". He loves this activity. He is really learning his letters with this activity. But to show you all how so in trouble I am this was a conversation we had while doing this activity:
Daniel: (Looking at bottle cap letters) "There is no circle letter."
Me: "Yes, there is an O. It's at this end" (pointing to the right side of lined up letters)
Daniel: "No, there isn't." (He points to the letter printed on the card and says) "This is a circle." (Now picking up the O bottle cap) "And this is an oval!"

He is an amazing kid - specific - but amazing! I just love spending time with this kid!

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Carisa said...

YAY Daniel and YAY Mommy! I Love it!!!!

He looks so happy with his bead necklace.

Oh and I want that animal game-you have the coolest stuff that I never knew you had!