Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Good News

For the past eight months we have been without our car. Last July it started giving us grief and had been in and out of the shop until September when the mechanic had it for all of September until the end of November. When we did finally get it back in November, thinking it had been healed, it lasted five days before it was broken down again. Our mechanic had no clue as to what it could be and he had given it to the Chrysler dealer he works with and he, too, had no clue as to what it's problem was. So we gave it to our friend Chris who does amazing work with anything. He thought he figured it out, but didn't in the end. He then gave it to a guy in Quakertown who is a professional with Chrysler's. He called Andy and asked him several questions, thinking he knew what it was - but his hunch was wrong as well. So we waited. Our car is fickle and only does it's bad behavior on occasion - for me on more occasions than anyone else! (It doesn't like me!) It FINALLY did it's think, not starting, for this man and he was able to diagnose it's problem!!!!! YEAH!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! It is a short in the dashboard. It took EIGHT months and at least four men, but hopefully it is solved and we can get our van back soon. Our friend Chris is on the lookout for a dashboard so pray he finds one soon and that it doesn't cost a fortune! It seems things are starting to turn around. I continue to pray that that is indeed the case!

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