Friday, February 6, 2009

Where in the World Are We?

Yes, I have been MIA this past week and it has been dreadfully painful to be away from blogging! The kids and I are staying with my in-laws while my incredibly wonderful husband guts our bedroom and the upstairs hallway in our continued efforts to rid the house of bed bugs. I have been enjoying my time up here immensely, though missing my husband tremendously!!! I even went to bed at 10:30 pm last night!!!! For those of you who know me - that is an incredibly early hour for me! But it felt so good to turn out the light, knowing I wouldn't have to worry about any bed bugs biting!!!!

My reason for not blogging too much is that my in-laws live in no man's land! They live on a 30 acre farm and about 1/2 mile from the nearest neighbor. I LOVE it here, but one of the downsides, really the only downside, is that they still only have dial-up Internet. No high-speed is available here in the sticks. It will be at least another two years before they can even get high-speed. I feel sorry for them. They spend so much time just waiting for things to load. Reading my blog can be quite the challenge with the photos that have to be loaded at times! So there will be no photos posted until I am at home and can recap the events of the week!

We have been having a wonderful time here in the country. I always feel so relaxed here. Andy's parents are great and just go with the flow. Three kids can get a bit noisy. But they have been soaking up the time with their grandkids. It even snowed here earlier in the week and the grands took the kids out to play in it - I like to look at snow, but not play in it so much!!! We have been doing school and playing a lot of Wii. Tonight we are headed out to Dairy Queen for dinner and then coming home to watch a movie. A nice relaxing evening!!!

From what Andy has been telling me, he and the two guys working with him have been making good progress. Our bedroom is totally gutted as is the upstairs hallway. Today they were insulating and then starting to rebuild the walls with drywall. Since he has torn everything out he has only found two bed bugs. I find that discouraging as I have no idea where they coming from since the entire room is gutted. I am hoping they were just hiding in the ceiling rafters and after Andy sprayed they fell down. Please keep praying that Andy's efforts will be blessed the the bed bugs will be gone. I don't believe I can go home and deal with them again. It has been too wonderful to not have to deal with them!!! It is going to be incredibly difficult to go home knowing they could still be there!

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