Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daniel = Laughter!!!

Since Daniel's arrival in 2005 he has been a source of joy and laughter to our family. We waited on God's perfect timing a long time (6 years!) for this little guy. It was worth the wait! He is just so funny and really brings a different element into our family. This video demonstrates just how much fun he is!

Isn't he a riot? No lack of confidence in this kid! He believes video cameras were made just for him!!! I don't know what was "All my fault" as he was singing in his song....he never gave me an answer!

There is never a dull moment with Daniel - he is certainly a blessing to this family!


Trish said...

Thank you for totally brightening my day, Daniel!!!!

It's the Little Things in Life said...

HAHA!! He is such a natural. You've got a rocker on your hands! The next Hawk Nelson??