Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Back!

The last two months of school have been almost non-existent. My mind was so consumed with bed bugs that it was hard to focus on anything else. I had decided over the break that my focus needed to return to homeschooling properly. That meant full days of school, accomplishing everything on the list. So yesterday was spent planning, organizing, and finalizing plans for the week. It felt good to put my energy towards something other than bed bugs!
I woke up early and showered and got ready for our day. Problem was the kids were still sleeping when I was ready! Andy and I had to wake them up at 8:00 am. This put Sarah in a bad frame of mind for most of the morning. Matt, however, had a great morning and accomplished much of his morning work. Then they decided to flip roles for the afternoon. Sarah had a great afternoon and Matt didn't finish his work. Oh well! It felt good to me to do history and health and to spend time with each kid with their various subjects. It helped that Andy stayed home today to continue working on our living room. Daniel was his little helper today. I could hear Andy laughing at all the things Daniel was trying to "help" him with. We still did tours throughout the day and did find one on the steps, but we really tried to keep our focus on the kids and their schooling.
On that note I really want to be trying to focus on other things on this blog. I have decided that at the beginning of each post I will put this: BB - 2. That will let everyone know if we are still finding bedbugs (BB) and how many. Today we have found 2, so far. One was found early this morning when Andy was going to bed (around 4:30 am), and the other this afternoon after lunch. I also called COMHAR today to find out what they were going to do after January 14th when our warranty with the exterminator runs out. I thought I handled myself pretty well in expressing just how horrific this whole situation has been. Dan, the guy that seems to have the most compassion for us, is planning on talking with the higher ups about the situation. They truly believe their house is bug free. I truly believe it is NOT! I believe they are going to fix the house up, move people in there, and then we are going to see all the bugs return. I have asked them to come out and inspect it with the exterminator. I would love to go in there and help, but am also afraid that I may drag more into our house. We'll see what happens. It's all in God's hands.

One of my New Years goals has been to read to the kids before bedtime. It is something I had really gotten away from, even before bed bugs! So far we have read every evening. We are currently reading "Inkheart" by Corneila Funke. It is a great book! We are really enjoying it. I chose it because it is coming out in the movie theaters the end of this month. I am usually a stickler about reading the book first and then seeing the movie. We then discuss the difference between the two. It makes for fun conversations. I was really glad we read "Bridge to Terebithia" before we went to see it as I was totally not expecting the ending it had. We are all excited to see "Inkheart" the movie. It should be amazing!

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