Saturday, January 24, 2009

How many more are there?

When we started this journey of bed bugs, I knew they were hard to get rid of. But with most of the stories I have read, when it concerns homeowners, not those living in apartments, they are usually cleared after three or four treatments. We are now going into our fifth treatment, January 27th. We are already up to 16 bed bugs found today. We have literally caught hundreds of bed bugs since November 1st. I knew the house next door was infested, but GOOD NIGHT how many did they have over there?!?!?! You can't possibly tell me they didn't notice these bugs! How many more are lurking in our house? 16 in one day! We haven't caught that many since this all started. I think our max was 10 since just after the first treatment. I am getting tired of dealing with these bugs and with COMHAR dragging their feet about getting anything done. To them the problem is solved - YEAH, IN OUR HOUSE!!!!!! Can you tell I am getting a little miffed? This is getting ridiculous and I can't understand WHY we are still going through this. I know God has a purpose and a plan - BUT WHAT IS IT? We can't possibly do anything else - except move - which if we could sell the house - we would! I went over our finances last night and just this month we have put over $1000 on the credit card to buy materials needed to fight these bugs. The great thing is is that God had the bill covered. He is amazing that way, always providing what we need. I just really wish He would answer our prayer to kill the bed bugs in one fell swoop so we can FINALLY go back to a normal life - not one of seek and find with bed bugs!

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