Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here We Go Again~


That is how many bed bugs we have already this morning. I am almost sick to my stomach with the thought. Andy is COMPLETELY frustrated as he has worked so hard these past few days to seal the common brick wall. The only thing we can figure is that these are ones that have walked across the ceiling (between the roof) and are now coming out since it has been opened. I am completely frustrated as today should be an all out cleaning day, scrubbing walls, vacuuming floors, de-cluttering our bedroom, but I have to go to a baby shower of someone I haven't even met!! (Family obligation.) Please pray. I was just starting to feel like we had this a bit under control, but now I am back to thinking - THIS WILL NEVER BE DONE!!!!! How much longer will we have to endure this trial?

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Carisa said...

Oh, I hoped that wasn't what this post would be about when I sw the title in my blog reader. I am SOOOOO sorry. I love you, I just hurt for you.