Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baptism Sunday

Today, we had a baptism service at Cornerstone. It was amazing! 18 people chose to take the step forward in their proclamation of their faith in Chirst. It is the most we have ever had in one service! So many different types of people and from so many different types of circumstances, but all bonded together in one name - the name of Jesus Christ! Incredible!

The past few months I have been wondering what on earth I am doing here in Philadelphia. There are many days I feel I have absolutely no impact on anyone here. I am not involved in a lot of ministries - not like I used to be. But today I was impacted by one young girl that was baptized. Pastor Bill often gives a bit of background on each person including when or under what circumstances the person was saved. Well, this young girl announced that she was saved during Kids Club when she attended 5&6 year olds. That would have been the time when I was teaching that age group. My heart skipped a beat and my eyes welled up with tears knowing that I had been a vessel for God to bring this young girl to him. WOW!!! Often with the little ones, you never know who you truly impact. God gave me a glimpse of why I am here, to impact lives for Him. Whether that be through ministry or in how I battle bed bugs, I am here to influence lives for Him. To draw them closer to a relationship with Him. It is an awesome responsibility. One I, at times, feel totally incapable of doing. And I really am except for His strength. Thank you, Father, for giving me the opportunity to be a witness for you.

BB - (Saturday) 17!!!!!
(Sunday) 1

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