Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Good News

Many who read this blog know that homeschooling can be a challenge with my kids. They often put up a fuss about doing school and we have battle after battle about getting the work done. This week has been different. Everyday they have been done by 4:00 pm. It has been great! And there has been hardly any battling when doing the assignments. It is truly an answer to prayer. Life goes much easier when homeschooling goes smoother. Now if only these bugs would be gone, life would definitely be much sweeter!

Look at what Andy got done today with Jared's help:
We have a wall! Andy found a sheet rock called Quiet Rock. It is supposed to be a sound barrier. It won't make the room sound-proof, but should cut down the noise from next door. The neighbors tore out their carpet when they moved in 11 years ago and we hear everything - their phone ringing, their doorbell, even people knocking at their door. We can even turn our TV sound off and figure out what channel they are watching! We are hoping this will help with that and quiet our house down a bit.
Another good piece of news is that COMHAR is having Ehrlich (the exterminators) come on the 27th of this month to treat our house, and the infested house, again and then follow up with an inspection a few weeks after that. This is good news as our extermination contract ended on January 14th. We purchased the materials needed to continue treatment, but it is good that they will come out and we can save ours for future months. We are planning on treating for the next 18 months, just to be certain they will be gone. Having them come on the 27th, however, puts pressure on Andy to tear out the second floor ceilings so he can seal the brick party wall. Please pray that we will be nearing the end of this problem. Please pray that the pesticide will take its effect on the bugs and kill them. Please pray that we will find any lose bugs and prevent them from finding a harbor to build their homes. We need some peace and it needs to come soon. We have no idea why we are going through this, but please pray with us that it will be done. We are so tired and would really love to focus on something else other than bed bugs.

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