Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh No!

BB - Tuesday (2)
Wednesday (3 - two dead)
Something I have been desperately praying would not happen, happened. The neighbors on the other side of us have bed bugs. When we found out that we had them migrating from the infested house connected to us, I immediately went over to notify them of the situation. I showed them what they looked like and let them know where they hide. I tried to inform them as much as I could. They have been good about checking and had found none.....until a couple of weeks ago. One of the women came over to ask if I would look at her son as he had some type of bite. They thought they were flea bites, but they looked an awful lot like bed bug bites. One of the other women that also lives there (there are a couple of families that live in the house) has an uncle that is a professional exterminator. He went through their house a little over a week ago and confirmed my fear - they had a few bed bugs. They are getting treated. They pulled up their carpets and are getting rid of their beds and purchasing new ones. I am now praying that not too many made it over. I am praying that we caught the majority of them. Please pray that this is where the infestation will end. There are 6 other homes connect in this row. We really need to get this under control so we don't get re- infested. Please pray!

We had our fifth treatment today. While the exterminator was here one bed bug had the audacity to crawl out onto the wall of our bedroom. I was up in the bedroom at the time and yelled down to Andy that there was one on the wall. The exterminator came up and looked and then sprayed our open ceiling. It was the first time he has seen one crawling on the wall since he started treating us last November. While he was here we got the chance to talk about the house next door. Apparently the women that lived there thought the bed bugs were roaches (UGH!!!). When the exterminator went to inspect he looked under one bed and there were more than 300 bed bugs! That is a ton of bed bugs! He had never seen such a bad infestation. Even if the women thought they were roaches, why would they want to live with that many?!?!? Unbelievable!!! I am hoping not too many made it over to the neighbors. I am also hoping they haven't made any harbors. Oh, I am really hoping that they are being vigilant and looking everywhere for hiding bed bugs. Please pray that they take this infestation seriously and do not allow the bugs to take a foot hold. Please pray that all the bed bugs on our block would DIE!!! That we would no longer have to deal with these dreadful creatures!

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It's the Little Things in Life said...

300?!?!?! Wow...when I read that I thought I was going to be sick. Still praying...