Tuesday, January 6, 2009


BB - 6

Our poor first born has been cursed. Matthew is an intense kid. Everything he does is intense. He has pretty much been that way since birth. He gets that from his father. He also has an incredible temper. He really ought to have fiery red hair. Everything sets him off. Unfortunately, he gets that from me. Today was an intense day of school. Matthew just has days where he doesn't get the fact that school is a necessity. The choices he makes are poor ones and we just can't seem to help him understand that he is making bad choices. He tends to blame others for his choices. "If my sister wasn't here, I would get my work done." "If you wouldn't keep telling me to get my work done, I'd be able to focus and get it done." It goes on and on.

Today, Andy and I sat down with him and really tried to help him gain some understanding. He is an arguer and really tries to argue his way out of things. He's pretty good at it too, but Andy is much better. I get lost in the circle of it all at times. Please pray for our poor boy. He struggles with a ton of things. His brain is much too old for his 11 years. He is currently struggling with his assurance of salvation. Andy went through the same thing. His parents spent countless hours talking him through it all. It looks as if we will be doing the same thing. He is so smart, but at times just can't understand the simplicity of things. He will get it. Please pray for him as he goes through this struggle.

I have pictures of our living room. It is going to look amazing when it is done. It will be awhile, but it will be worth the wait.

At the top you will notice BB - 6. For those of you that didn't read yesterday's post that is how I am going to tell you if we are still finding bed bugs. Today we found 6. That's a lot. Still praying they will be gone REALLY SOON! Thanks for your prayers!

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