Monday, January 12, 2009

My Progress

BB - 5 (4 dead) (yesterday) - none so far today
Bite - 1 (Daniel)

This past weekend I spent almost all my time in the basement. My whole house is an entire mess, so I decided to start from the ground up. I TOTALLY cleared off the game/ Little People shelf. I went through the games and Andy and I decided which one we were keeping. If we ask our little people, they would keep the whole lot! I took a TON of stuff up to the church Thrift Shop. It felt so good to get some of that stuff out of there! I also steamed the sofa we have down there. It is a This End Up piece that Andy was given from a friend years ago. I steamed it because I found a bed bug crawling out from under it a few days ago. I didn't want to take any chances that there were any eggs laid and would be hatching. It took about 2 hours to steam the entire thing! Andy then sprayed the shelves and sofa with pesticide to kill any if they happen to crawl around down there. I am not quite finished with the entire basement, and probably won't be until we get rid of the bed bugs, but I am doing my best to get things out of the house and to de-clutter our lives. As we play with the games we will decide if they are our favorite or if we can live without them. If we can live without them - then off they go!!!! I am really getting addicted to this de-cluttering thing! I will be adding pictures later. My battery died and it is currently recharging :-)!!!

One good thing about last night is one of my favorite TV shows returned last night - 24! I watched it as I steamed! It is all the Hinson's fault that I like this show. I never used to watch it until they kept talking about it, and then I borrowed the DVDs and was hooked. I have never actually watched it on TV because it always comes on when I am trying to put children to bed. I would always wait until it came out on DVD and watch the entire season. But since we now have a DVR it is easy to record it and then watch it later. I tried to record it before with a VCR, but I would always forget to put it in the schedule and then miss a show. If you miss a show, you can get easily lost. Now the DVR records the entire series for you - no remembering! There are only three shows that I absolutely love to watch: NCIS, 24, and Stargate Atlantis. I know, I'm such a geek! Those are the three shows I record and watch, usually while I am cleaning something in the living room or basement. I don't think I ever really "sit" to watch anything. Maybe when this whole thing is done I'll get that chance. My dream is to sit and watch something while doing a cross-stitch! I am so itching to want to do a cross-stitch. Maybe by the end of this year!


Rachel said...

Fly that geek flag high, Shannon! I am finishing up the last 2 seasons of SG-1 as I sew, and hope to start Atlantis soon.

Shannon said...

I knew there had to be another one out there! I love SG-1 as well. My mom got me the entire 10 seasons for my birthday/ Christmas gifts over the years. Thanks for letting me know and I will fly my geek flag high!