Friday, January 9, 2009

Great News!

BB - 3 (1 mostly dead)

I had a doctor's appointment today to check out my sugar and triglyceride levels. I had great news. Back in October my triglycerides were 943 (WAY TOO HIGH!) and are now down to 143. My sugar level was 9.2 (AGAIN, WAY TOO HIGH!) and is now 6.2 - almost perfect! So, the combination of meds and weight loss have had a good effect. The doctor was pleased and encouraged me to "keep doing what you're doing". The only down fall to the whole visit was my blood pressure was slightly elevated. There was probably a reason for that, however.

Just prior to my visit, people from COMHAR came to inspect the house with the exterminator. I started to express my concern and grief and one of the men made the fatal mistake of saying, "I understand." WRONG!!!!! He in NO WAY could possibly understand what we have been through the last two months unless he has actually LIVED in my house. I offered to switch residences for a month, but he declined the offer - I wonder why?!?!? It seems they are listening a bit better, however. While I was at the doctor's Andy brought them into our house and showed them what he had found with the joists and how he filled it in. They have agreed to do the same thing on their side of the house, only they are going to take it a step further and do the upstairs as well. I have to mentally prepare my brain for this event. I am fearful that this will only drive MORE bed bugs into our home. But I have to realize that I would rather them be driven OUT of the walls to die then to stay there hibernating for up to 18 months (that's how long females can live without a meal!) PLEASE pray for me as I mentally prepare for the onslaught that may occur. We still haven't come to a conclusion as to how extermination is going to be paid for, but Andy and I have been told we should start contacting our state and city representatives. I had never thought of that and wish I had about a month ago. Andy and I have decisions to make as to whether we are going to take that route. We don't want to be fools and let this go on any longer than it has too, but we also want to settle this as calmly as possible. Please pray that we would make the proper decision. We want to follow God's plan, not our emotions. Thanks for your prayers - they are the reason I am still in Philadelphia. I would leave in a heartbeat if given the opportunity - but God has another plan for my life - one I never dreamed of, but I know He has a good plan. I just need to trust Him.

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