Thursday, January 15, 2009

Member's Meeting

BB - 5 (all alive)
Tonight, we held our church members meeting. It is absolutely amazing how much this group has grown. The room in which we hold it was almost bursting at the seems. God is doing amazing things within our neighborhood. I just looked around tonight at the different faces and praised God for being involved in this ministry. Over the past few months, I have so desired to leave. I hate all the struggles that we have and are continuing to deal with. But then I look at the faces of the members of our church and think "They have struggles, too." Some of them I know and am amazed at their testimony in the midst of it all. It is good that they see we deal with struggles, too. I only hope I am handling it well enough to point them to our loving heavenly Father. It would be extremely easy to run away - it's what I want to do. But God has not opened that door.

Please continue to pray concerning Andy's involvement in ministry the next few months. We are still finding a number of bugs. My mental state at night is always on the edge. I am getting more and more nervous at handling this thing on my own, especially when Andy is gone at night. We have been finding several bed bugs in places I am just not tall enough to reach and to have to wait until he comes home to retrieve them will drive me CRAZY!!! Please pray that we make the right decisions and more importantly, that these dreadful creatures would just die and never return!!!

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