Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Roasting hot dogs on an open fire!!!!

Yup! It's February 11th and we roasted hot dogs on a campfire! How cool are the grands?!?! PopPop suggested the idea this morning, knowing it was going to be a nice day. The kids were so excited. I went into town and picked up marshmallows to complete the night. It was great. It was such a beautiful night. We saw Venus bright in the sky as well as a million stars - so many more than we see in the city. Oh, it is going to be so hard to go home. I have so thoroughly enjoyed my time here, but I am afraid it is coming to an end. Andy told me today that it looks like the kids and I will be able to come home Friday morning. We picked out a paint color for our bedroom (it's called "Comforting", doesn't that sound great?). Andy is planning on painting Thursday night and he wants me to come and see if I like the color in the morning light. So, we head home Friday morning. Matt and Sarah are excited. Daniel and I, not so much!!! Daniel has really enjoyed daily walks with PopPop. They walk to the next farm and look at the horses, cats, goats, and peacocks. Then they walk back home and swing outside for a while. This has been so great for him and his excess energy. I really wish we could live here so he could experience these kinds of things everyday. The city gets really confining as there is really no place for him (or Matt and Sarah) to run. He will have a difficult time adjusting back to city life.

As far as the bed bugs go, Andy has been searching. He has found a few. The last one he found was last Saturday. We are taking it one day at a time. I am REALLY praying that we are at the end of this whole ordeal. I am praying that I never see another bed bug for as long as I live. I am, however, seeing some of the blessings that have come from this. We never had any plans on renovating our bedroom. Because of the bed bugs, we had to tear out the ceiling. Andy just decided it would be easier to completely gut the room. As a result he ended up taking out my small useless closet and the old chimney that was hidden behind a wall. This has opened up space so that we can fit our IKEA Expedit Shelf that we have been using as our clothes storage. It will make the room feel bigger. Another blessing, that was TOTALLY unexpected, is the prospect that my washer and dryer will be moved up from the basement to the second floor! We had a small hall closet and when it was taken out, Andy measured the space and discovered that our washer and dryer will fit there perfectly!!! It won't happen right away as plumbing and a gas line have to be installed, but the thought that is going to happen makes me down right giddy!!! No more basement! The kids are excited because now the basement can be totally theirs. They can leave Lego's out and I won't be upset from stepping on them to get to the washer and dryer. So, the good things have come from having bed bugs. I have really de-cluttered the house, the house is getting totally renovated, and I am getting something I never thought was even an option - an upstairs laundry area! God is good - all the time!

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