Monday, February 23, 2009

We found it!!!!

For the past week I have suspected that there was a bed bug on the boys bunk bed. Last Monday (a week ago tonight), I was bathing Daniel and found he had been bitten. Matt also had a bite on his finger. Last Tuesday we tore the bed apart and searched to no avail. Yesterday, in church, Matt showed me his earlobe and sure enough there was a bite. We looked over the bed again, and still found nothing. Andy was doing a major search tonight before heading off to God Squad. While doing his search on the bunk bed he found it!!!! The suspected bed bug! It is now DEAD!!!!! It was the one biting as it was elongated instead of round. They get longer after a feeding. The good news is I believe it was a young one morphing into an adult. It still had a bit of white on it. (They are white when they are born.) If it was a young one then it couldn't have laid eggs. Also, if it is a female, it needs a mate to lay eggs. I believe there was only one on the bed as there were very few bites. I know I am sounding ridiculous at being happy over finding a bed bug. But it was driving me crazy believing there was one on the bed and not being able to find it! It's a pretty sad commentary on where our lives are at this point when we get excited about finding one particular bed bug!!!! I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Please pray that this is THE LAST BED BUG I will ever see in this house again!!!!

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