Saturday, February 28, 2009


That is what I have felt this week. I can't explain it. But ever since we found the bed bug on the boys bunk bed I have felt peace. It was like God was saying to me "You have made it. I have carried you through and you are almost at the end." Does that sound crazy? I have only experienced that type of "God talk" a handful of times, but each time it has been an incredible experience. It is this "God talk" that helps me through each trial I face. I KNOW He is there and will take me through any valley I face. Thank you Father for loving me so much!

The exterminator, John, came by yesterday to see how we were doing. He seemed concerned that we still found 25 in the last month. But the majority of them were found before construction began. He is concerned that maybe eggs have been laid in the pile of the carpet, though I am not. We don't have a deep piled carpet and from talking with other bed bug experts the likelihood of bed bugs doing that are slim. They want to be close to a host and the carpet is not close. Plus, with all the inspections we have been doing and the constant vacuuming, I think we would see something. He is going to talk with COMHAR and ask to give one more treatment. We'll see what they say. I am not hopeful that that will actually happen. I think COMHAR is tired of dealing with us and just want to be done with us. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to figure out how to handle COMHAR and our expectations of them for the future.

Last night was our first official "family movie night" since October! With the stress of bed bugs, the hunting and worrying about where they were, we wouldn't even let the kids play or sit on the floor as we were finding a number of them in the living room. We started off our evening by going to IKEA to think about what we need to save up for to put our house back together. It was fun to dream about it all going back to where it belongs. We hadn't let ourselves do it before last night. We are planning on putting the rooms back together in June. That will be more than seven months since the bed bug problem began. (It will be four months tomorrow since we were overrun with the dreadful little creatures.) It was fun to eat pizza and relax with the kids. We laughed and had a good time together. I pray that we have many more times like this and that the bed bugs are truly gone from our house FOREVER!!!!

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