Saturday, February 21, 2009

God's Amazing Grace!

The past 3 1/2 months have been some of the most difficult I have ever encountered in my walk with God. Who would have thought that a 1/8 inch bed bug (well a few hundred) could have reeked so much havoc in my personal life. Never have so many tears been shed, my faith tested, or my physical and mental abilities been stretched than in these past few months. But God, in His amazing way, has been faithful. Even in my doubt. He has cared for me and my family, loved me when I questioned Him in anger, and brought about many blessings that I never would have dreamed of. One example is our finances. I am humbled by His constant way of taking care of the smallest details. This past week I have been praying about our finances. In this month alone Andy has had to charge a little over $1200 on the credit card to put our house back together. Our savings have dwindled, from previous bed bug expenses, and I was beginning to wonder how I could pay off the credit card. (We pay the credit card off every month and do not carry a balance). I have never had a credit card balance but was beginning to think that this would be the first time we would have to. I began to pray. In one week I received to letters and a phone call. The first letter contained a check for $200 from a woman we have only met a couple of times but heard of our need and wanted to help. The phone call was from a small church that has a huge heart and also heard about our need and wanted to let us know they were sending a check for $500 to be used toward our expenses. The second letter was from our dear aunt who heard we were incurring a lot of expenses and wanted to help offset them and sent a check for $500. AMAZING!!!!! $1200 in one week - almost the exact amount needed to pay off the extra expenses on the credit card! Is God cool, or what? I am humbled that He loves me the way he does and provides for even the smallest of needs.

I have been asked by some if I would trade having bed bugs with never having learned the lessons I have these past three months. With the difficulty still fresh in my mind, I am eager to say "Yes. I would rather have NOT had bed bugs than learned the great lessons and given the blessings I have been." But since I did have to go through this and as each day goes by without finding one of the little devils I thank God for the lessons learned. I am also incredibly thankful for his provision in the financial department. I am extremely humbled that people would think to love us in that way during these times. I am also thankful for the blessings God has chosen to bestow upon me - like having my washer and dryer moved up to the second floor from the basement! It has always been a dream of mine and it would have NEVER happened if our bedroom and upstairs hallway wouldn't have had to have been torn out. I know, for sure and for certain, that God is faithful and loving and that I CAN DO ALL THINGS through Him because of His strength. Please continue to pray that we do not find anymore of the dreadful creatures. We haven't found any since Monday, February 16th and there have been no more bites since that day as well. Please pray that they are gone FOREVER and never to return. Thank you!

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