Monday, February 15, 2010

The Drew Debut!

Yesterday was Drew's first time out to church! He was quite a draw! Everyone had to see the HUGE baby! I loved the comments! "He is so HEALTHY!" "He has the chubbiest cheeks!" "He looks like he eats well!" Yes, my boy is a good eater and he sure is healthy looking! But I think of all my kids Sarah wins the chubbiest cheeks award!

We also went to visit my parents yesterday. It was the first day I have attempted to go anywhere - and it wore me out! I was in bed my 10:00 pm! I didn't even watch the ice skating pairs - one of the Olympic events that I love - but I was just too tired! It was great to see my mom and Bruce! We hadn't seen them since the hospital. She made the most incredible lunch! Chicken Corn Chowder, mini-hoagies, deviled eggs, salad - YUM!!!! My sister and nephew were also there and they met Drew for the first time! We only spent a few hours there, but it was sure great to get out of the house for a little while. It was a good first trip for Drew as my parents only live about 45 minutes away and I could feed him before we left and then let him sleep in the car. I have to be honest - I have been a bit thankful for the snow and the excuse we have to go anywhere! I always find it hard to travel with a newborn and have been content to stay at home. The kids were thrilled to get out of the house! They have been cooped up far too long as Andy has been pretty busy and hasn't been able to take them out. I really wish we had a backyard that they could go out in - but it is too full of construction stuff. It will hopefully be cleaned out this spring!

Some good news is that Drew lifted his left arm above his head today! He was doing his little newborn stretch after waking this morning and his left arm mimicked his right arm! I was thrilled and think I scared the poor kid when I did a little Hooray!!! He is three weeks old today and I am excited that he is making such progress! I'll try and capture a picture of it if he does it again. So check back later today! Thank you for all your prayers! God has truly blessed us with this new little guy!

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

Awww, he made his debut! HEE HEE...I know they all loved him. :)