Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Day!

Yesterday was an awesome SNOW DAY! 28.5 inches of snow fell in the city of brotherly love and the kids have enjoyed every moment! Andy is such a great dad. He took the kids out at 12:30 pm and I didn't see them again until about 5:00 pm. They went up to the church playground and played in the snow - and when they got tired of the snow they ran around inside the church. Daniel came home looking like a snow monster - covered in snow and big red rosy cheeks! An hour later he was crashed on the floor and out like a light!

Drew has been a dream baby - he has fallen into a schedule and is now eating about every 2 1/2 hours during the day and sleeping for 3 hour stretches at night. Last night was our first "rough" night. He cried for about 2 hours from 9:30 - 11:30 and nothing Andy or I did would console him. I finally tried feeding him one more time and then wrapped him up nice and tight and then he fell asleep until 3:00 am! If that's as rough as it gets - I'll take it!

Today was his first immersion bath. His umbilical cord stub fell off last Thursday - I was so glad as he would scream through his sponge baths. I was worried he would hate baths all together - but he LOVED the tub! The water was nice and warm and he just sat in the little floaty (that I borrowed from Carisa - Thanks! I love it!) and relaxed. It was great! He is such a cutie! Drew is really starting to move his left arm. He moves it up in front of his chest and is really making progress. Thank you all for your prayers!

I am feeling so much better - it took a lot longer to recover from this pregnancy than the others. As my one friend says - I am an old-head and was feeling my age! I have, however, lost 28 pounds of the 40 I gained this pregnancy! I am anxious to get back into exercise and am trying to eat right. I really would like to lose the pregnancy weight by my birthday in May. And then pick up where I left off and lose the rest of the weight I had started to lose before getting pregnant!

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