Monday, February 8, 2010

The Stats

My brain still hasn't fully recovered from this pregnancy. I knew Drew had a doctor's appointment today - I thought it was at 1 pm - it was really for 10:30 am! Fortunately it was just a weight check and they fit me in. I was glad since Andy drove us all down there and it would have been a real pain to reschedule!
Guys watching the Super Bowl!
Drew is two weeks old today and is doing beautifully! With all the others I remember the doctors taking both weight and length checks - this doctor only does weight. By two weeks the doctors like to see the baby regain their birth weight - which for Drew was 10 pounds 12 ounces. Today he weighed in at 11 pounds 3 ounces! Not only did he regain his birth weight, but he also gained 7 ounces! I laughed as the doctor said they like to see babies gain about 30 grams a day and Drew has been averaging 53 grams a day! I guess my worries about him taking the bottle the first 24 hours and then nursing him were for nothing! He has taken to nursing like a champ and hasn't had a bottle since the night he came home from the hospital. He is also becoming more efficient as he only takes about 30 minutes from beginning to end - so nice for the middle of the night feedings!

It really is amazing that Drew has only been with us for two weeks - I rally can't remember what life was like before Drew joined our family. He has just fit right in. He is a mild mannered, easy going kid - so far!

Daniel just loves him and loves holding him whenever possible. Daniel is starting to get a bit emotional - crying and asking for lots of hugs. We are trying to spend tons of time with him and do some extra things with him, but I guess it is inevitable that he have some emotions with not being the baby anymore. Overall, he is doing well. He has been amazing me with his knowledge. In all honesty I have not spent a lot of time doing school with Daniel. I have felt terrible about it. But somehow he knows all his uppercase letters and can count up through 30! It really is amazing what kids learn when surrounded by older siblings! The other day he asked how to spell GOD. I told him the letters and this is what he wrote on his AquaDoodle (a great toy he got for Christmas!). So it's backwards! I was amazed as we have never even worked on writing letters! I am determined to start working with him full time next week. I think he is going to be a great student!

Matt and Sarah have been having a hard time getting back into the swing of school. After having a week off for the baby and then two days off the previous week for staff retreat - they really don't want to be doing school! But we are pressing on and have gotten several subjects in each day. I am determined to get full school rolling again by the end of the week. The coming snow should help as we can't go anywhere and I can get a "normal" day in without any interruptions! Please pray for the three older kids - that we would spend the right amount of time with each one and be encouraging towards them. Thanks for all your prayers!

Every one of our kids has been an afghan baby. Matt received his first and most loved blanket from Dorothy Schultz as a shower gift. He received many other afghan baby blankets - but that one was his DeeDee (what he called it!). Sarah and Daniel both received their afghans from Grammy Schultz and both love them still today. The one you see in all the pictures was also made by Grammy Schultz and is the most beautiful one I have ever seen - I LOVE the colors and Drew really seems to prefer this blanket to all others. I wrap him up in it nice and tight and off to dreamland he goes! Do you see his little fingers in the above picture? All the kids have done that - they weave their fingers in the holes and just hold on to the blanket. I love it! Thanks Grammy!

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