Saturday, February 20, 2010

I did it!

What did I do? I ventured out to stores with ALL FOUR KIDS! I wasn't sure how it would go - I can't really corral Daniel in the jogger stroller as I need it for the baby - but it turned out fairly well. We went to Franklin Mills to get our free Auntie Anne's pretzels! Daniel REALLY loved this! I really wish I had brought my camera as he had cinnamon EVERYWHERE!!! Since we were there I stopped in at Osh Kosh and Carter's to see what clearance items they had for next winter. Carter's had a ton of stuff for Drew and I got several outfits and pj's for CHEAP! I didn't pay more than $4.99 for an outfit! I also love Carter's because they have an open ended return policy - if it doesn't fit this coming winter I can take it back and get reimbursed for the original price I paid!

We also hit Toys R Us (Sarah and Daniel had gift cards burning holes in their pockets!) and Wal-Mart. I usually don't go near Wal-Mart on a Saturday - but I needed a new electric pencil sharpener (our other one DIED!) and envelopes for the baby announcement that my wonderful friend Carisa made for me. I need to get them out by Monday. Here is a preview:
It's funny how much his face has changed already! He doesn't look nearly that pudgy anymore! Isn't she amazing! I just love them!

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

I love the announcements!

And you deserve a prize! I am terrified already to leave the house with my three come after August.