Saturday, December 22, 2007

Busy Days

Wednesday Night Prayer Pals

Sunday Night Prayer Pals

It's been a few days since I have had a chance to blog. Life has been busy! Wednesday evening was the Prayer Pal Christmas Party. It was great to see the kids open the gifts they received from their loving pals. The kids were thrilled beyond belief to see first hand how much their pals think of them and love them. Each pal took special time to pick out the perfect gifts for their kid. Many received much needed clothing, jackets, and blankets as well as fun things like games, body lotions, and books. It was a great evening!

Thursday evening Andy, Matt, Sarah and I went to the Quakertown High School Planetarium. My sister and Sam invited us to attend a special show. We had no idea what the show was about - except that we knew it was going to about stars (obviously!) It was great and Matt LOVED it! It talked about the Star of Bethlehem and the different theories of what "the bright star" could have been. It was fun because Matt was asking that same question just a few days before. What was even greater was how Christian the presentation was - shocking for a public school when you can't even call the days off from school a Christmas Break but a Holiday Break! While we were at the show my Mom watch Daniel and he had a BLAST eating cookies!

Friday was our 90th day of school!!! We are officially half way through the school year! YEAH!!! As a treat we went to the movies to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. It was great! The kids loved it and there was a lot of history in it - just like the first one. I counted it as our 90th day because I figured many other schools were having Christmas parties and counting that as their last day of the year. That was our Christmas party! Movies can be expensive, but AMC Theater has a deal where Friday and Saturday's before noon all movies are $5 - much cheaper than normal prices! Our AMC also has a deal on Tuesday's where movies are $5 all day and you get a free popcorn! We can only go on Tuesday's when we don't have clubs so I am glad they have the Friday/ Saturday deal.

Friday night we went to my Mom's to exchange our gifts. My Mom started this new tradition last year where we meet the Friday before Christmas to give each other our gifts. It just makes it less crazy on Christmas Day when there are other family members around and we are ALL getting and giving gifts. The kids were thrilled with all that they received - especially Matt and Sarah with their new Nintendo DS hand held. They love the different features that they come with including "pictochat". It is kind of like messaging but you have to be in close proximity to do it. One kid can be in the basement while the other is up in their bedroom and they can write each other and send it. It is kid of fun! This morning we told the kids that they couldn't get our of their rooms before 8:00 am - instead I hear the bells of messages being sent back and forth from room to room! This could be a good thing and get them talking to each other more! Daniel's favorite gift was a Backyardigans "radio" with a microphone attached. He LOVES singing and dancing to it - he is obsessed with the Backyardigans!Today was a day of rest!! Well, sort of! We have been cleaning and fixing and getting our house ready for our family on Christmas Eve. Our parents come and join us for dinner and then we all go to our Christmas Eve service. It's a tradition that Andy and I started when we bought our house and found out we were expecting Matt. It was 11 Christmas Eve's ago that we announced to the grands that Matt was coming! We announced Daniel's coming 3 Christmas Eve's ago! Sarah we announced during Thanksgiving. There are NO announcements this year!

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