Sunday, December 9, 2007


This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity! I don't think I have ever been so tired! In fact, last night (Saturday) I was in bed by 7:30pm! My wonderful husband bathed and put all the kids to bed so I could go to bed! He's so great! I slept from 7:30 pm till 8:15 am! It felt sooooo good! So what has made me so tired? Friday night was our yearly Cornerstone Adult Christmas Party. There were about 100 people there! It has been getting really big the past few years! It seems to be the highlight of the holidays. We had fun playing games and eating dinner with April and her niece Desiree, who had just had a baby the week before! April's testimony is amazing and her walk with the Lord is such a great example to the people of our neighborhood. I really enjoy spending time with her.

The other thing that made me so tired was the fact that I was up until the wee hours of the morning everyday last week (about 1-2 am) baking cookies for our big cookie day yesterday! We had 47 different kinds of cookies! I ended up making nine cookies/ goodies, many of them double batches. Here is a picture of the setup.
We had to move into my mom's living room this year because we had so many! Here is a picture of my completed pile. I made plates/ tins for all our staff and some neighbors.
Sarah joined us this year and did a great job as a "runner". She ran the plates to MomMom, who wrapped them in cello-wrap and tied beautiful ribbons around them. Sarah also ran the plates to their designated area and put tags on each of them. She was one hoppin' little girl!
After cookie day we went to "The Spotted Hog" at Peddler's Village for lunch. It was so crowded! We got in right away to each lunch and walked around the different stores. I found a great new pair of flannel pj's for $20. I LOVE them! But I'll have to hem the pants as they are WAY TOO LONG! I think they were made for a giant!

We had church this morning and I taught Sunday School as December is my month. We then stayed after church to have our photos taken for our new prayer card. Here is a preview of the one I am thinking we should use:
Ha! Ha! Just kidding!!!! But I thought it was so funny!!!! (You have to look at Daniel)

Andy and the kids stayed after for a bit longer to help with the setup of the 7-10 year old Christmas Party for tomorrow night. The Preteen one is being held Tuesday night and 5&6's is being held Wednesday night. Please be in prayer for all three parties. That there would be sufficient help, enough gifts, and a great message being shared at each party. Also, be in prayer for the kids who were not invited and the parents who get upset over this fact. There are specific guidelines in each club for those who get invited. There has to be as we can't afford to invite everyone. It is mainly based on attendance. 110 kids have been invited to the 7-10 year old party, 50 to the preteen and 50 to 5&6's. That's a lot of kids! But so many more have come maybe 1 or 2 times and then think they should be invited to the party. It's hard to turn them away, but what else can we do?

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