Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Happenings

Wow! It's over! It's hard to believe you spend so much time getting ready and it's over in a matter of minutes! We had a great time the past two days with our family and friends. I hope you all had a wonderful day as well.

Christmas Eve was WONDERFUL! Andy and I spent the day with the kids getting things ready. We cleaned and cooked and were ready for my family (Mom, Bruce, and my sister Lisa) when they came. We had a Cook's ham and I think I have finally found a ham that I like. I am not a ham eater as I think they are all too salty - but this ham was so delicious! I hardly tasted any salt! We also had homemade macaroni and cheese, broccoli, green bean, salad, and bread. For dessert we enjoyed Mrs. Miriam's (Daniel's Sunday School teacher) incredible cookie tray! At 6:40 pm we all headed up to church for the Christmas Eve service. It was PACKED! Pastor Bill did a great job with the sermon doing a biographical comparison between Rudolph T. Reindeer and Jesus. Sounds weird, but it was really well done! I especially liked the part where Rudolph saved one Christmas, but Jesus saved the world! It was so imaginative and really got people thinking. Matt loved the sermon and didn't realize sermon's could be so interesting to listen to. The kids sang and recited a poem "What Is Christmas?" by Michelle Adams. Daniel even got up on stage, but only lasted one song before panic started to set in and he wanted DOWN! I was up there helping lead the kids so I just grabbed him before he completely lost it and held him until the song was finished. He tried!

Christmas Day the kids woke up around 7:30 am, but being the mean parents we are we tortured them until 8:00 am! Matt finally brought Daniel into our room and since he had a stinky diaper we got up and got moving! I went down to get lights on and the camera's ready while Andy took care of Daniel! We had a great time together opening gifts. Daniel was a riot with his "ooh!" and "I love it!" at the opening of each gift. Sarah and Matt were excited with their new MP3 players they received. We now all have the same Creative Lab Zen V players, which makes my life a lot easier as I have to load them up and I don't have to remember how to do three different players! I got them both off eBay as they were brand new but much cheaper than the store. I paid half price for both of them! Matt's is a 4GB and can play video. He now wants to purchase some music videos for his favorite songs. I'll have to figure that one out this week. Daniel's favorite gift was the Shake and Crash track! He climbed under the tree to unwrap it! He is so funny!That afternoon we went to my mom's house and had dinner with my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Ray, cousin Lenore and her husband Mike and their three kids, Aunt Cheryl, Great-Grandmom Ruth and my sister. The kids played well together. We brought our Wii system and had a blast watching Great-Grandmom Ruth play golf! She is an avid golfer (at age 86!) and does well on the course - but the Wii was something different! She laughed and had a fun time playing with Sarah (8) and Amanda (6).

We got home late and I was exhausted and went to bed! Andy was sweet and let me sleep in today! We have absolutely NOTHING on the agenda for the next three days! I love it! I am going to take things slow, sleep, and get my bedroom under control!

I have more pictures to post but Blogger is having difficulty with their uploading. I'll post more when it's fixed!

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