Thursday, December 6, 2007

Guardian Angels

Daniel continues to test the strength and power of his guardian angels. Tonight he decided to "look" in the fish tank and pulled it down. He has never attempted to do this before. He was scared - as was I when I heard the crash and piercing scream. Fortunately he only came away with two small scratches near his chin. There was 20 gallons of water all over the floor, but that was easily vacuumed. There were no fish in the tank as the last one died a few weeks ago. I just hadn't gotten around to cleaning out the tank and putting it away until one of the kids was old enough to take care of the pets themselves. I guess Daniel helped along in that project!

School continues to be tough. Yesterday, Matt went to work with Andy and did school with him all day. He was gone from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm. Almost like he would be if he went to school! We are considering several options in how to handle Matt's schooling. Please pray for us as we make decisions. One of the options we are considering is putting him in a public school in the neighborhood. We know the principal as we went to college with him. He also told us that several of the teachers there are Christians. It is a tough decision because 1) we don't want Matt's heart getting any harder than it is towards authority and the school is a tough one, 2) the school curriculum would be a breeze for Matt to handle and he would get very lazy, and 3) how would this effect his character? Please pray we make the BEST decision for Matt and our family.

We did art today and the kids painted (again!). That's twice this week! We are discussing the primary colors (red, blue, yellow). They had to choose a painting challenge and paint with only those three colors. Matt chose to paint a boat on the water with a man fishing and Sarah chose to paint a picture of a child pulling a wagon. I think they did a great job!

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