Friday, December 28, 2007


I LOVE the new bed rail I got for Daniel's bed - he HATES the new bed rail I got for his bed!!! Today I went in search of a bed rail that does not have bars or straps that go completely to the other side of the bed. I found the Safety 1st Bed Rail. Why I like it is that it locks onto the mattress. I am not good with descriptions, but the mesh rail part sits on the top of the mattress and the two legs slide under the mattress. You then have to push the rail down and it locks with a click. It is great!!!! No more sliding out when the child sleeps against it. Daniel cried when we put it on! "Take it off!" were his exact words! I guess he feels his new found freedom was being infringed upon!!! I was on him tonight and it only took an hour for him to settle down and go to sleep. I am hoping once the newness of the big bed wears off he will go to sleep faster.

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