Thursday, December 13, 2007

Life Keeps Going

I really can't believe that Christmas is only 12 days away! We still don't have our tree up! Life has just been moving along and things will hopefully start settling down in the next few days. Andy's last Teen Club of the year was tonight. He has Christmas Caroling with the Teens Monday evening and then his evening responsibilities are done for the year! YEAH!! He will be home at night for a few weeks before things start up again. My only responsibilities this coming week are teaching Sunday School, a God's Girl's Christmas Party Sunday evening and the Prayer Pals Christmas party Wednesday night. I also have Jury Duty Monday!!! Hopefully, I won't get picked. There is far too much to do before the 25th! I guess we'll see.

Matt started the day with a poor attitude which earned him a trip to church with Daddy to do school. We have decided, for now, this is what is going to happen. He did remarkably well in completing his work while there. He came home and we did Science and Art. He then only had to finish two assignments, Math and English, which should have taken him a total of 60 minutes. Instead, he drug it out for almost three hours!!!! I still don't understand his thinking. I am hoping one day he will get the picture that if he just sits and does the work he can then have fun! One day!

Daniel's vocabulary continues to grow by leaps and bounds! He is speaking so clearly. Everyone is amazed. I am so thankful as he is tongue tied. His frenulum is attached to the tip of his tongue which can cause problems with speech. He has been like this since birth and the doctors that I go to said they don't do anything about it anymore. I am just to keep an ear out and make sure he isn't having any speech issues. So far, so good! I think he is going to be like his sister and talk non-stop! They should be good company for one another!

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