Friday, December 28, 2007


I thought we had success in putting Daniel into a big bed - but I was proved wrong at around 4:00 am! Daniel thought it was time to get up and roam the house with his new found freedom! He turned on his bedroom light and Sarah's bedroom light. He was caught playing on Sarah's bottom bunk with her Loving Family Doll House. Matt and Sarah slept through the entire thing! They have a gift! Andy kept putting him back to bed and finally laid down with him to make him go to sleep! He awoke again at around 8:00 am. I think we should put him in a crib until he is 18!!! Matt and Sarah never did anything like this - this is so new to us! I am going out this morning to find a bed rail that will keep him in his bed. Perhaps a floor to ceiling wrought iron gate?

If anyone has any ideas - we'd love to hear how you keep your child in bed during the night.

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