Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Lights

Last night we went to the Children's Garden in Camden, NJ to see their Holiday Lights display. We met up with the Hinson family and had a great time walking around in the cold! The kids didn't seem to mind! I love the cold and didn't mind it so much either, except I was so concerned about getting the kids all bundled up I forgot gloves and a hat for myself! Oh well! It wasn't really THAT cold!

Daniel was funny as he LOVES lights! He was all smiles until..... we met Santa! He refused to sit on his lap. When we first went into "Santa's Lodge" he was talking and looking at Santa, but as we got closer he started to cry and yell NO! We managed to sit with Santa as a family and Carisa took this great picture!We came home and Andy and I just relaxed. Now today is a big cleaning day to get our tree up! It MUST get up tonight! I am ashamed it is not up already! Especially since Daniel will LOVE all the lights we put up around the house. Next year I will be more on top of things, right???

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