Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Preteen Christmas Party

Last night was the preteen Christmas party. It was so much fun! There were 52 preteens in attendance! Two churches, Trinity United Methodist from NJ and Central Baptist Church of Bucks County, did an incredible job running the program and providing both gifts and snacks. There were crafts to do, sweets to eat, a puppet show to watch, gifts to receive, and school supplies to restock on. The kids also received much needed hats and gloves thanks to Bethel Chapel of Huntingdon Valley. The kids were busy! The groups that came down really interacted well with the preteens and the preteens were shown God's love in action! I always find it amazing that people give to children they do not know. They give because they know the God that loves these kids and are being His hands and feet. I really love this group of preteens! They are fun loving and many of them have a deep desire to have a personal relationship with Christ. I am sad as many of them will be moving up in the next few months. But Andy will be able to keep tabs on them as they start attending God Squad and Teen Club. What will be more interesting is the group of ten year-olds moving up in the next six months! We have a herd of ten year old staff kids! Matt, Eliza, Josh, Morgan, and Eleanna will be moving up! HELP!!! I am so not ready for this group! They are an interesting bunch that, if they put their collective will together, will do a mighty work for God in this neighborhood! Please pray for us (and them) as we guide them in the truth and that they will take on the faith as their own.
Here are several pictures to show you the fun the kids had last night!

This is the long sleeve t-shirt that each preteen received. On the front upper left corner is our church name and then a message on the back: He died for me, I live for Him. It is fun to hear teacher comments when the kids all wear their shirts to school the next day! I only hope the kids behavior matches their testimony on the shirt! Pray for the kids as we will not have Kids' Club again until January 29th.

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