Monday, December 17, 2007

No Success

Tonight I tried to put Daniel in a bed. I am afraid I have waited far too long to do this and now fear it will be many months before he will get into a bed! He started to drift off, until the kids and Andy came home from Christmas Caroling, then he was wired! I really need to work on his schedule as I believe he is just not tired enough when he goes to bed. It is 10:00 pm and he is in his crib jumping up and down! He has been like this for the last few nights. I even woke him up from his nap early! I will have to try hard all next week to get him into a bed. It is definitely time for him to move and I am ready to do it. It will be a battle, but as with everything else, he will learn.

Last night was the God's Girls Christmas Party at Carisa's house. There were 20 girls! It was a lot of fun to see them giggle and enjoy each others company. They played "steal-the-present" and enjoyed stealing the hot gifts - a princess crown (which came with a special gift to the girl that wore it until the end of the evening) and a slipper/ body wash gift set. I had forgotten that preteen girls are so into lotions and body washes, etc. I will have to remember for next year! I really love these girls and am excited that many of them will be moving up into my Sunday School in the coming months.Tonight, Andy, Matt and Sarah went Christmas Caroling with about 40 other people from our church. They had a great time and the people that they ministered to this evening really enjoyed their singing. We are now officially done with all the seasonal responsibilities! YEAH! Andy will be home evenings and we can settle down a bit. We only have to do some small things for the Christmas Eve service as that is Bill and Joe's main responsibility. I think we really need this break. We have one week left of vacation left and we are thinking of just staying home and not answering our phone! We have so much we would like to do to our house - tile the kitchen and clear stuff out of the basement. It will take a week just to do those things!

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