Monday, June 2, 2008

First day...

of summer vacation! Yes, we have been done for three weeks, but with traveling all over the place and getting portfolios completed we haven't really had any free time at home. So, today was our first "official" day home on vacation. This morning I went over to the Darrow house and evaluated their three kids! They did great! After spending three hours talking with the kids and Laurie I headed over to McPherson Library to register Matt and Sarah for Science in the Summer. It is a great program that the kids have been involved with since they were entering second grade. I believe this is the last year Matt will be eligible for the program. Next year he can be an assistant since he has participated every year. We'll see what happens with next year.

When I came home I was greeted by three happy faces! I had given each of them a TO DO list and they were quite proud that they had completed several of the items. My goal today was to help Sarah clean her room. That meant going through all her toys and getting rid of broken items and put all the other toys in their proper place. It has taken us two days, but I think we did a great job. I'll have to post a picture tomorrow. We are trying to scale down things and Sarah is my hardest child to give things away. So, in an effort to help her I have created a spreadsheet listing her toys. We are going to check off each day she plays with each toy and at the end of August we are going to see which toys are her favorite and which ones she can live without! Hopefully she will see the positive way life can be when we scale down.

Tomorrow I start working on the living room. We have purchased a gas fireplace in an effort to help heat our home without oil. We have only saved $1500 for oil next year and at the rate prices are rising it won't be enough to purchase what we need. So we are installing a gas fireplace. It has been a dream of Andy's for quite some time, now we have an excuse to install it! I need to clean out the entertainment center and the bookshelves and do some rearranging. The sooner I can do that the sooner Andy can do some work on getting ready to install the thing. We usually don't turn our heat on until mid-December so he has some time to get it all together - he just hates to be pressured.

Andy has been gone since 1:00 PM and isn't back yet (it's 11:00 PM). God Squad started up this evening and he always get a bit stressed with the start up. Tomorrow night is Family Night, so he'll be out the door bright and early hitting the food bank to have food for the evening. He also does most of the set up and starts cooking the food. Pray for him as he feels totally unprepared for the summer since we were gone so much. Pray he would schedule his time wisely and be able to focus on tasks that need attention and enjoy the work God has given him - not see it as a chore to be done.

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