Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday, Matt!

I can't believe Matt is 11 years old! It just doesn't seem possible. I can remember the day of his birth like it was yesterday. It is hard to fathom that we really have only 7 more years of influence, before he goes off to college. It makes me pray all the harder!!! I am extremely grateful to God for this incredible boy he has blessed our family with. I know of no other kid like Matt, and though we may bang heads at times, I really like who he is becoming and the glimpses of the man he is going to be! An example is how patient he is becoming with his little brother as demonstrated in this photo. H e let Daniel help open his gifts - which pleased Daniel greatly!

Apparently, turning 11 has been weighing on Matt's mind as well! This afternoon, at 4:38 pm, the time Matt was born, Matt and Andy walked in the door. Matt was so upset! He had to leave the VBS program going on this week to give me a hug before he turned 11! He didn't want to turn 11. My thinking is if he is THIS upset about turning 11, what is he going to be like when he turns 40 or 50?!?!? I am SO praying for his future wife! We talked for awhile tonight and I think Matt just has a fear of growing up and being independent. Matt likes to be in control of things and the older he gets the more he realizes that things are not in his control. We have been praying and trying to teach him that God is in control of our lives and NOTHING goes on in our lives without Him knowing about it! I realize that he will eventually grow up and hopefully mature in these areas. Please pray for him!

I took Daniel to the doctor today and discovered he has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease! It sounds horrible, doesn't it? It is a virus and will just have to go away on it's own. His throat is SO red! He still refuses to eat anything, but is drinking more. Please pray for this to clear up quickly as I am afraid he will waste away to nothing before too long!

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