Saturday, June 14, 2008

Where have I been?

Every year I look forward to this weekend. Why? Because it is the SEARCH homeschool conference! In May, I went to the CHAP conference with Andy. I love that conference because it is a time to get away with my husband - and no children! I love this conference for it's speakers and used book sale. I also get to attend this conference with my friend Donna, who I don't get to see nearly as often as I like. This year was a special treat as I was able to take my friend Carisa along. She has just started homeschooling, so this was her first one to attend - and she loved it! You can see her write up about it on her homeschooling blog.

The main speaker was Todd Wilson. He runs Familyman Ministries and is the funniest speaker! Funny, but so good. His words really spoke to my heart and have renewed me for the coming year! I was also able to hear Ginger Plowman. I have read her book "Don't Make Me Count to Three!" and loved it. It was so nice to meet her in person and tell her how much I appreciated her book. I also bought her "Wise Words for Moms" as I definitely need work in that area. She pointed out so many things I say that tear my kids down instead of building them up. The whole conference was such a blessing! I bought several CD's to listen to throughout the year as I get discouraged. I'll just pop one of those babies in and get my second, third, fourth, etc. wind as I need them!

It is HOT. I really hate living in the city when it is hot! I am currently in my schoolroom and have the AC going. It is the only room I feel legitimate about putting the AC on. My schoolroom in mostly windows and with the sun shining in it gets to 100+ degrees. In order to cool it down to a reasonable temp I put the AC on. So, after the kids go to bed and I am hot I escape here! There's a ton of work to do anyway, I might as well enjoy it! I have to turn Sarah's portfolio into Willard Elementary on Monday. I turned Matt's into Jones Middle School last Wednesday. What an interesting meeting that turned out to be! I really feel bad for these counselors that we have to turn our portfolios into as they really have NO IDEA what to do. I had to clarify some things for him and he did his best. I hope to get Matt's portfolio back on Monday or Tuesday. It makes me nervous when they have it so long. They tend to lose things and his office looked like it might get lost!

It will be a busy week this week as Matt and Sarah have birthdays (16th and 17th respectively). There is also a group from Weddington, NC coming in and doing an afterschool VBS program. The nice thing is is that they are feeding all the kids dinner each night as the program is to go until 6:30 pm! Matt and Sarah will miss Monday, but should probably be able to go the rest of the days. They really enjoyed last weeks Afterschool Club. They earned points all week. Matt and Sarah were neck-n-neck all week, but Sarah pulled ahead for the win. She was so excited! Matt handled it great and even congratulated his sister for her win. They both did very well.

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