Thursday, June 26, 2008

All is well...

...with Matthew. Today he went for his 11 year-old check-up and found that test results had come in. He, at sometime in his young life, contracted mono - you know - "the kissing disease". But don't tell Matt that because he doesn't know that that's its nickname! The doctor said he could have had it as early as eight weeks ago or as long as ten years ago - though he has never heard of a one-year-old contracting the disease. He must have contracted a mild form of the illness, however, as we never really noticed anything physically wrong with him. He had complained about being tired a while back, but we just chalked it up to our crazy schedule and late bedtimes at the time. The good thing is is that he is over it and has built up antibodies to protect him from it in the future. The rash apparently "signals" the end of a virus, though we will probably never know which one - it could be the mono or something else. But to say the least is a healthy boy and did very well with his check-up! Thank you all for praying!

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