Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My last month....

....of summer vacation! Where on earth did June go? It really flew! Of course the kids were sick for almost two weeks, but hopefully that will be the end of it for the year! July is looking as busy, if not busier, than June! I know August will be here in the blink of an eye and school will be starting up again! Please pray that I make the best use of my time in the next five weeks and get many of the projects I have on my list of things to do completed.

Reading Rocks starts today! I LOVE this program! I am so glad we have something to encourage the kids to better their reading skills throughout the summer. Carisa and Trish have allowed me to become part of the team and I am so excited! The program is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-2:30 pm. I will be helping out on Tuesdays. Andy will be coming home during that time as that is when Daniel takes his nap. The program has been totally revamped as many of the kids have grown-up and are now beyond the picture book stage. The program was getting too easy and they were racking up the points without really having to work for them. This year they are going to have to work - but I think the goals are totally obtainable - if they work! We have brought in chapter books and are requiring the older kids (at least most of the staff kids!) to read them. Matt and Sarah are excited about the new changes - what I have told them - they don't know everything yet! I hope it will be encouraging to Matt as he struggles with reading fast, and is constantly reminded of that by a friend who reads a lot faster. Pray that he will view this as a way to meet his own reading goals and not be discouraged and focus on those around him.

A note about Daniel - he has taken to calling Sarah "Honey"! I think this is hysterical! Andy and I occasionally call her honey and he has picked up on that. He is just too funny!


Carisa said...

OK, I about rolled over giggling when I read that we allowed you to become a part of the leadership team. It has taken every bit of restraint to not BEG you the last few years to be a part with us! I was always scared of putting you on the spot. For the record--I want you beside me on every team I am on, you just let me know which teams you want to be a part of!!! I feel so blessed to have you working so closely with us this summer!!!
Love you-C

Trish Reed said...

I second what Carisa said! You are amazing!!