Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's up?

Nothing! It has been a relatively boring week. I so LOVE boring! Andy took Matt and Sarah up to his parents house Wednesday night as Joy and Jen (two preteen leaders) were taking some of the preteen girls camping. What a night! It poured down rain and even hailed! But they had fun! Matt and Sarah were friends with most of the girls that went so they had a blast. Sarah even slept out in the cabin with them. So, it was Daniel and I last night. We went to IKEA to return some of the stuff that I didn't need to organize my schoolroom. However, I did find what I originally had wanted to use instead of the bars. I purchased it, but am unsure of whether or not it will be better. Andy and I will have to talk it over tomorrow. If it goes up I'll post a picture.

This is the first weekend in six weeks that we have NOTHING planned! It is amazing! We are so excited! I don't know what we'll do, but we are just glad to not have any commitments! I may go out and do a bit more shopping for Reading Rocks. I still have to find a bunch of backpacks to purchase, but stores aren't putting them on sale as early as last year. I am hoping they will next week. AS of today, Target still had theirs for $15, which doesn't sound expensive, but we try to get them for $10 or under. Wal Mart had several for $10, but I picked up all the different styles. This may be a year where variety takes a back seat to cost. We'll see. All the other supplies have been coming in steadily thanks to all my friends and family. Andy's extended family, Aunt Martha, Aunt Doris, Aunt Louise, have been such an incredible help! Pat and Rachel Folk have also been incredible supporters to this cause! And the people of Bethany E.C Church have poured out their love for us with dozens of supplies! My mom mother-in-law, and Carisa's mom have even gotten in on the act, scouting stores for deals and sending them up our way at their expense! I surely could never do this huge task without all the help of my family and friends! THANK YOU!!!!! I can't wait to take pictures of all we have and the happy faces of all the kids that receive the backpacks!

As a mom I have to brag about my girl. This is the child I thought would NEVER READ!!!!! She detested letters, words, reading in general! Then all of a sudden the light went on and now she is an avid reader. Well, before Reading Rocks started today she was in first place with points at 529 points! WOW!!!! She is so excited! It has motivated her to try and reach 600 before the last Reading Rocks next Thursday! I am just so thankful she reads!!!

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