Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Science in the Summer!

Every year since Matt and Sarah have entered second grade they have been attending Science in the Summer. It is a great program and each year they look at a different study of science. This year was Chemistry and both kids were beyond excited! Depending on the library that it is held at it can be a 4 day/one-hour session class, 2 day two-hour session class, or a 1 day/four-hour session class. Today it was a 1 day program so they were gone from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm (they gave them an hour for lunch and library time!). They did all kinds of experiments, some we have done at home and others were new to them. They came home with "gack", something made with baby powder, borax solution, glue and water. It is pretty neat stuff - it's like silly putty but a bit slimy. A highlight was that Mr. D returned as their teacher. Matt has had him at least three times and really enjoys his style of teaching. Matt was disappointed this year, however, because this is the last year he is eligible to participate as a student. He can, however, volunteer to be a helper and earn community service hours. He is excited about that!

Andy and Daniel are spending the night at his parents house as Jen and Trish, two of our co-workers, took 12 girls camping. They left around 1 p.m. so I had a couple hours to work on the house with NOBODY around! It was amazing! After I picked up Matt and Sarah we headed out guessed it, STAPLES!!! We also headed off to WalMart as I had heard that they had one-subject spiral notebooks for .05 ! But ours had them for .10 :-(. That's still a great price, so I picked up 50 to get us started. $5.35 isn't too shabby a price for 50 notebooks! I also got a sneak peek at some of the backpacks for the year! OH! Some are just soooooo cute! I talked with Carisa and we are upping the price to $10 per backpack. I guess I always had $10 per backpack, but I found some great deals last year for under $10. With the money that we are saving from Staples doing their deals we can spend a little more on the backpacks themselves. I am going to start picking some of them up tomorrow. Just in case you are interested in donating a backpack, we purchase ones without characters - it just makes life easier for us!

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